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January 19, 2011

Easy A (2010): A Five-Minute Review

Why be personal when I can keep blogging about movies? ;) I caught up with my reviews before break, and now I've racked up another 20 or so that need to be reviewed! Okay, well, I saw this one at the cheap theater with E. Here we go:

Easy A stars Emma Stone as a girl who's far too smart for a teenager to do something as stupid as she does, which is to agree to let guys spread rumors that they've gotten intimate with her in exchange for gift cards to the places she likes to shop. She takes a cue from Hawthorne and brands herself with a red letter A on all of her Victoria's Secret outfits. More and more guys get involved, and pretty soon it gets out of control. Somehow, this high school student makes all sorts of references to things that I'm pretty sure the average girl wouldn't know (I think the reference to Kinsey stood out), but it made for some clever jokes.

While I did get some laughs, the aging person in me couldn't help but be bothered by her parents, who were so cool that they never seemed to take anything seriously. At least I'm aware enough to know that I'm aging, because I seemed to laugh guiltily at their lines, while all the younger kids in the row in front of me laughed hysterically. Nothing like a teen flick to remind me that youth is fleeting!

At any rate, this was a clever little movie, and I laughed more than I thought I would, although it isn't necessarily a classic. Somewhere between its sweet heart and its dirty jokes, I almost felt like it should've committed more one way or another, but it was still a good watch - especially for two bucks in the company of a good friend!

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