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December 22, 2010

Through A Glass Darkly (1961): A Speedy Review

There's a young woman named Karin (Harriet Andersson) who has recently returned to her family island after some time in a mental hospital. Her husband cares for her as best he can, and is played by Max von Sydow (who just keeps going up on my list with each movie of his I see); he's sexually frustrated. Karin's also got a little brother (Lars Passgard) who's extremely lonely on the island; he is also sexually frustrated. The arrival of their estranged father, an author who travels the world (reminds me of Autumn Sonata), brings new dynamics to their little world, especially when Karin reads his diary and learns that her disease is incurable.

I actually liked this Bergman film, for its atmosphere, its mysteriousness (the room to which Karin keeps gravitating), and Max von Sydow's subdued performance.

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