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I Am Ticked

October 15th, 2004

Apparently someone can decides who they fail in room checks because of how they happen to fell not based on how clean the room is. I don't understand it at all. I take time to clean my stuff up, to have my room clean for room checks, and what happens I fail becuase someone is in a bad mood. When someone says the only reason you failed was you had stuff on the floor, no specifics, and it looked as it had in previous weeks. then maybe I shouldn't fail. I am really mad, because one failed room check gives you a demerit. I do not deserve a demerit for someone being in a bad mood. my room was clean to an acceptable standard. NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER WEEK, and all other weeks I have passed. C'mon, give me a break. I am sorry mr. RA, I am going to jump over your head, and get your decision changed, because my room is clean, and you apparently feel like you can change the rules whenever you want.

posted by: smiles

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Comment from: Henry [Visitor]

Smiles, you take it to the man and get the man by getting the man to give it to the man like the man gave it to you!

(There are two “man"s up there, a lower level man that got you and a higher level man that is a bove the lower level man.)

10/15/04 @ 15:55
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