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Some highlights from my kids' Christmas program

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This may only be interesting to Grandmas and other blood relatives, although I should point out that you get to see Daniel palm Baby Jesus' head and Eva improvise some unusual dance moves.

In all seriousness, though, I am proud of the level of participation my kids put into the program this year. It was fun to watch, and there are some adorable moments.


Comment from: Ellen [Visitor]

Great job, Daniel and Eva!
We are practicing for a Christmas program too. K. is an angel and A. is going to be a shepherd / king. It won’t be quite as elaborate as your programs appeared to be :).

12/06/10 @ 13:30
Comment from: Carole Denton [Visitor]  
Carole Denton

Priceless! Lana & Willy, Jeff & Susan, Nathan & Heather, Michael % Kristen, Tim & Callie,plus Mom & Sal will be @ our house Xmas Eve. Plus 9 kids age 6 & under! So Callie is putting together a program for them to present instead of dragging them out in the cold to go to services. Looking foward to it!

12/06/10 @ 20:42
Comment from: Coin Magic Tricks [Visitor]
Coin Magic Tricks

I wish my kids could do such things like that! You have adorable kids and you must be proud of it!

12/21/10 @ 03:03