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I'll never use Mapquest again

Google Maps has gone into public beta. Wow. The UI is sleek and useful, as you've come to expect from Google. One big problem with MapQuest is that it's hard to get perspective. The map only takes up about 1/4 of the screen. Google makes it easy and pretty to zoom in and out and get perspective on what you're looking at. They've connected it with their local search with very nice results. The directions work great, too. As in search and webmail, Google has made a product that's miles ahead of Microsoft.

Map24 is also worth a look. It uses Java and is very nice to look at.

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Comment from: theprawn [Visitor] · http://www.theprawn.com

Yeah, I’ve been playing with google maps all morning. Very cool stuff. They actually have the full street layout of my home town–a little place of some 840 people.

02/08/05 @ 10:03
Comment from: Brandon [Visitor] · http://ebrandon.net/brandon/

Wow that’s pretty sweet. That’s a huge improvement over mapquest.

02/08/05 @ 10:52
Comment from: Brendon [Visitor] · http://www.techfreak.net

Ya, that google maps interface is pretty sweet. I read on engadget it doesn’t work with Safari yet, though. That’s a shame.

02/08/05 @ 13:27
Comment from: Brendon [Visitor] · http://www.techfreak.net

err, make that geek news central, not engadget

02/08/05 @ 13:34
Comment from: Kyle [Visitor] · http://kyle.brendoman.com

02/08/05 @ 14:54
Comment from: danny [Visitor] · http://danny.brendoman.com

Is that to scale?

02/08/05 @ 15:54
Comment from: Kyle [Visitor] · http://kyle.brendoman.com

More or less. I would have counted the number of shingles on my roof so I could make a more realistic drawing, but I did this at work.

02/08/05 @ 17:43
Comment from: Jonathan [Visitor] · http://jonathansink.blogspot.com

I’m in love with Google Maps. I want to marry it.

02/09/05 @ 20:10